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    Construction Client Types

    Construction project begins with client idea. Each construction project has different goals and objectives. There are many different types of client in the construction industry. Each type of client has different priorities, needs and expectations of the construction service and will require different approaches. So let’s take a look through four typical clients in the […] More

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    Environmental Considerations in Site Investigation

    Site investigation is carried out before the start of a new construction projects. Environmental consideration is of much importance in the site investigation process to investigate the site suitability for the given project. This investigation refers to the local conditions and resources both natural and those already existing including the infrastructure. A preliminary site reconnaissance […] More

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    Construction Participants

    The participants in the construction process are: the investor, the designer, the contractor, the consultant, the structural engineer, the technical controller and the supplier of plant and equipment. The agencies supporting the construction industry to following: Construction business promoters like government bodies, public and private enterprises for real estate and industrial development, and other similar agencies. […] More

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    Want to Know How to Get Your Dream Home

    Many home buyers believe that designing the home of their dreams is something they can do on their own – by designing themselves, or, even worse, by just buying an old house and “fixing it up”. We architects, on the other hand, know that the process is far more difficult than that – but also, […] More

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    Structural Elements of Bridges

    A bridge is subdivided into the superstructure, substructure and foundation. Deck: The portion of the bridge that directly carries traffic. Superstructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the deck and connects one substructure element to another. Substructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the superstructure and distributes all bridge loads to below-ground bridge footings. Structural […] More

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    Bidder Evaluation Criteria

    Construction companies are looking into a project often collect bids from several contractors. They are looking for the best price, technical content, and commercial consideration, should be made so that the best available offering is chosen for award. The Contracting authority needs to determine early on how it select the wining bidder. the bidder must be determined responsible as follows. Prequalification […] More

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    Construction Estimating Software

    Construction estimating software is built specifically for generating fast, accurate construction estimates in a fraction of the time required using older methods. Information on selecting construction Estimating software packages is hard to come by. We hope that tips below will help you with your quest to locate the right constructon estimating software package for you. There are many different […] More

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    How to Choose the Right Equipment for Construction Projects

    The process of selecting appropriate construction equipment and techniques starts with understanding the task to be comleted and the operator’s capabilities. There are a lot of necessary things that you will need. One of the most important aspects of building is the construction equipment. The right construction equipment can really make a different in the […] More

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    Shotcrete Construction Technology

    Shotcrete is an excellent technology for stabilization and support of structures in a very quick time and for concrete application without using formwork. Shotcrete is also the interacting combination of human, equipment and materials. Shotcrete is a high-performance material which functions only as well as these “three components of success”. Man, personified in the work […] More

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