Building Construction Handbook – Free Download

This includes the building and maintenance of housing and other low-rise structures and the more advanced techniques applied to medium and high-rise commercial and large industrial buildings.

Many examples from previous editions are kept as important references and benchmarks for newer applications.These have evolved in response to material developments and in consideration for environmental issues, not least with regard to energy conservation measures and sustainable building.

Modern construction processes and associated technology are incorporated in this new edition, however the content is not extensive, nor is it intended to be prescriptive. Building design and subsequent construction techniques are varied and diverse depending on availability of materials and skills.

This Handbook provided guidance to achieving these objectives, but sufficient publishing space can not cover every possibility. Therefore, the reader is encouraged to supplement their study with site observation and practice, with further reading of professional journals, legislative papers and manufacturer’s catalogues


BUILDING CONSTRUCTION HANDBOOK 8th edition by R. Chudley and R. Greeno


Building Construction Handbook 8


Part One General
  • Built environment 2
  • The structure 5
  • Primary and secondary elements 12
  • Component parts and functions 15
  • Construction activities 19
  • Construction documents 20
  • Construction drawings 21
  • Building survey 28
  • HIPs/Energy Performance Certificates 32
  • Method statement and programming 33
  • Weights and densities of building materials 35
  • Imposed floor loads 37
  • Drawings notations 38
  • Planning application 42
  • Modular coordination 47
  • Construction regulations 49
  • CDM regulations 50
  • Safety signs and symbols 51
  • Building Regulations 53
  • Code for Sustainable Homes 62
  • British Standards 63
  • European Standards 64
  • Product and practice accreditation 66
  • CPI System of Coding 67
  • CI/SfB system of coding 68

Part Two Site Works

  • Site survey 70
  • Site investigations 71
  • Soil investigation 74
  • Soil assessment and testing 81
  • Site layout considerations 88
  • Site security 91
  • Site lighting and electrical supply 94
  • Site office accommodation 98
Part Three – Builders Plant
Part Four-  Substructure
Part Five- Superstructure
Part Six- Superstructure II
Part seven – Internal Construction and Finishes
Part Eight – Dometic Services