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    Circular Column Design

    Circular reinforced columns have higher strength than square or rectangular columns. Circular cross-section columns are more resistant to buckling as compared to a rectangular cross-section. Furthermore, circular sections will have uniform torsion characteristics. circular column design spreadsheet example The difference between the strength of two different types of columns: Columns having shear reinforcement in form of spirals gives better […] More

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    Bricklaying Robot Works 20 Times Faster Than Humans

    A bricklayer’s job is probably one of the toughest going around. Unforgiving work, undertaken under a belting hot sun with a poorly paid apprenticeship, it is no wonder brickies are known for loving a schooner. Yet they could find their jobs stolen over the next few years, and no, it is not because the Australian […] More

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    7 Advantages of Steel Buildings in Construction

    Steel buildings have environmental benefits that most people would never even consider. Any steel structure incorporating the organic material, there is a minimal risk of mould and mildew infestations and steel buildings are 100% recyclable so can either be easily repurposed. Steel building construction tends to be favoured by those in the agricultural and engineering […] More

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    Pad Foundations Spreadsheet

    This Spreadsheet is intended to help practising engineers to quickly optimise pad foundations. Pad foundations are generally shallow foundations, but can be deep depending on the ground conditions. They are a form of spread foundation formed by rectangular, square, or sometimes circular concrete ‘pads’ that support localised single-point loads such as structural columns, groups of […] More

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    This Concrete Calculator Free Application Help You Calculate Quantity Easily

      The Concrete Calculator is very useful for quantifying the volume and weight of the concrete necessary for the size, or area, of the land that requires to be covered. The concrete calculator can be used to estimate the Staining Concrete, Stamping Concrete, Concrete Overlays, Concrete Resurfacing, Concrete Polishing, Concrete Dyes, Colored Concrete etc. Portland […] More

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    3 Types of Concrete Joints in Building Structures

    Concrete joints are used to compensate when concrete expands or shrinks with changes in temperature. Concrete joints are normally used to prevent cracks when the concrete shrinks, by creating forming, tooling, sawing and placing joint formers. The pre-planned cracks will provide a better finish concrete product and will be formed in specific locations where those […] More

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    10 Things to Remember During Concrete Mix Design and Concrete Trials

    Good quality concrete starts with the quality of materials, cost effective designs is actually a by-product of selecting the best quality material and good construction practices. Following are 10 Things to remember during Concrete Mix Design and Concrete Trials. 1. ACI and other standards only serves as a guide, initial designs must be confirmed by […] More

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    4 Ways to Improve Safety on Construction Sites

    Safety is of utmost importance on construction sites. The industry is one that can put workers at high risk of injury and even death. Maintaining safety on a construction site requires constant vigilance. And it can’t be done by simply writing a health and safety policy document. It’s important to acknowledge potential risks across a […] More

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    Retaining Wall Construction

    A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil. The basement wall is thus one form of retaining wall. However, the term is most often used to refer to a […] More

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    Site Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

    The role of site engineer and what exactly they do varies enormously from project to project – a housing development, for example, will have very different needs to a shopping centre. The duties and responsibilities of an engineer are typically as follows, many of these will be delegated to other engineers on the site according […] More

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    How to Reinvent the Apartment Building

    In 1967, Moshe Safdie reimagined the monolithic apartment building, creating “Habitat ’67,” which gave each unit an unprecedented sense of openness. Nearly 50 years later, he believes the need for this type of building is greater than ever. In this short talk, Safdie surveys a range of projects that do away with the high-rise and […] More

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