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    Column reinforcement

    The load of a particular level is transferred to the foundation by the columns which require the columns to have a high compression capacity yet the tension capacity is also important as the loads due to lateral load like wind load may also be borne by these. First the vertical bars positioned according to the […] More

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    A scaffold is a temporary frame usually together to provide a means of access to high level working areas as well as providing a safe platform which to work. The system is raised gradually as the structure is raised level-by-level. The two basic forms of scaffolding, namely the put log scaffold with its single row […] More

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    Industrial Building Floor Construction

    Generally concrete slabs are used for industrial constructions.  They can be used below a layer of flooring material or are exposed; slabs on grade provide foundation for all building foundations. Also generally super-flat industrial floors are installed with laser-guided screeds and power trowels. Quality material combined with good design and expert workmanship only yield the best […] More

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    Advantages of Suspension Bridges

    Suspension bridges are adopted in places where it is difficult to construct other type of bridges. For very large spans, they can be adopted economically. In a suspension bridge, tensile stresses are predominant. Thus it requires high tensile ropes, which are economical than mild steel trusses etc. During construction, temporary central supports do not need […] More

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    Methods of reducing corrosion for structural Reinforcement

    Better grade of concretewith lower w/c ratio and well compacted. A polymeric coating isapplied to the concrete member to keep out aggressive agents. A polymeric coatingis applied to the reinforcing bars to protect them from moisture and aggressiveagents. Fly Ash –  Using a Fly Ash concrete with very lowpermeability, which will delay the arrival of […] More

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    Construction of Cofferdams

    Cofferdam is a temporary structure builtfor the purpose of excluding or soil sufficiently to permit construction toproceed without excessive pumping, and to support the surrounding ground. More

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    Strength of Concrete

    The strength of concrete depends upon the amount of cement content, quality and grading of aggregates, water of concrete ratio, compaction and curing Strength of concrete increase very fast in the initial stage. In the 7 days, the strength gained is as much as 60 to 65present of 25 days strength it is customary to assume […] More

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    Comparison between stone masonry and brick masonry

    Comparison  stone masonry and brick masonry Construction ofbrick masonry is quick as the uniform size and regular shape of bricksfacilitates in maintaining proper alignment. Whereas, the dressing and handlingof stone need more time and extra labour in the construction of stone masonry. Stone masonrypossesses higher strength, durability and weather resisting quantities thanbrick masonry Brick masonryhas […] More

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    Consideration Selection of Bridge Site

    Before a bridge is constructed, a suitable site is selected based on certain factors which have bearing on the economy and stability of the bridge. Consideration selection bridge construction site 1. At bridge site, the reach of the stream should be straight. 2. The site should be geologically sound i.e. it should be away from […] More

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     The building envelope isequivalent to the skin of a building. In essence,a structure must be envelopedfrom top to bottom to prevent intrusion from nature’s elements into interior spacesand to protect the structural components from weathering and deterioration. Envelopescomplete numerous functions in a building’s life cycle,including ? Preventing water infiltration ? Controlling water vapor transmission ? […] More

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    Benefits of Good System of Roads

    Roads areessential for the economic development of a country. For speedy transportationof commodities a good network of roads is essential. Road mileagehas nowadays become a symbol of prosperity and advancement of a country. Duringemergencies such as accidents, the injured person can be rushed immediately toa hospital through a good system of roads. In such cases […] More

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