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    Bid Bonds

    The Bid bonds are necessary for contracts; It guarantees that the project owners can be accomplished according to the construction agreement provision. The bid bond required of a contractor submitting the lowest bid on a project. A bid bond is a guarantee that you provide to the project owner stating that you have the capability […] More

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    Bidder Evaluation Criteria

    Construction companies are looking into a project often collect bids from several contractors. They are looking for the best price, technical content, and commercial consideration, should be made so that the best available offering is chosen for award. The Contracting authority needs to determine early on how it select the wining bidder. the bidder must be determined responsible as follows. Prequalification […] More

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    Cost Estimating Strategy in Project Management

    In order to achieve accurate estimates in Project Management, cost estimating strategy is a must. Cost estimating strategy is developed based on a three-step process. These steps lead to a more accurate cost estimate by incorporating the knowledge gained during the design phase of the project combined with knowledge from previous projects. With the adoption of this strategy, […] More

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    Construction Estimating Software

    Construction estimating software is built specifically for generating fast, accurate construction estimates in a fraction of the time required using older methods. Information on selecting construction Estimating software packages is hard to come by. We hope that tips below will help you with your quest to locate the right constructon estimating software package for you. There are many different […] More

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    The Pre-Tender Health and Safety Plan

    The pre-tender stage health and safety plan is essentially a collection of information about the significant health and safety risks of the construction project. The planning supervisor to ensure that a health and safety plan is prepared and provided to the contractor before arrangements is made to carry out or manage construction work. For most projects […] More

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    Preliminary Estimating

    Preliminary estimation is done during the initial stage of design development. This is done to provide an indication of the probable cost of a construction project. Preliminary estimation is prepared based on client brief. More

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    Pre-Bid Meeting

    In order to clarify issues and to answer questions on any that arise at those stage and to show the tenders around the site, the employer may convey a pre-tender meeting. The requirement to attend the pre-bid meeting is typically More

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    Cost Planning

    Cost planning is the technique by which budget is allocated to the various elements of an intended building project to provide the design team with a balanced cost frame work within which to produce a successful design  which More

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    Preparation of a Cost Analysis

              Preparation of a cost analysis Theprimary purpose for using cost analysis of construction project provides usefulsource of cost information.  Any form ofcost analysis should be provided in standard way with the following. Informationon the total project Summaryof element costs with preliminaries shown separately and also apportioned amongthe elements Abrief specification in […] More

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    Storey Enclosure Method

    Storey enclosure unit– It measure the area of external walls, floors and roof areas (effectivelyenclosing the building) and multiplying them by an appropriate weightingfactor. Not much usedin practice and involves greater calculation. Historicaldata are not readily available Provides asingle rate Take intoaccount of difference in plan shape total floor area, vertical position of thefloors, overall […] More

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    The Primary Function of Bill of Quantities

    Quantity Surveyor is the preparation of bill of quantities. The primary function of bill of quantities Bill of quantities need to provide a source of data for quantity surveyors to estimating collect to the data for feedback of information for the contractor. To serve as a contract document – because this sets a standard of […] More

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