Introduction to Architectural Science The Basis of Sustainable Design: Ebook

The book is intended to give an introduction to architectural science, to provide an understanding of the physical phenomena we are to deal with and to provide the tools for realizing the many good intentions.

Many projects in recent times are claimed to constitute sustainable development, to be sustainable architecture. But are they really green or sustainable? Some new terms started appearing in the literature, such as ‘green wash ’ – meaning that a conventional building is designed and then claimed to be ‘ green ’. Or ‘pure rhetoric – no substance ’, with the same meaning.

Author – Steven V. Szokolay

Architectural-Science The-Basis-of-Sustainable-Design-2


Part 1 Heat: the thermal environment 1

1.1 Physics of heat

1.2 Thermal comfort

1.3 Climate

1.4 Thermal behaviour of buildings

1.5 Thermal design: passive controls

1.6 Active controls: HVAC

Data sheets and method sheets

Part 2 Light: the luminous environment

2.1 Physics of light

2.2 Vision

2.3 Daylight and sunlight

2.4 Design methods

2.5 Electric lighting

Part 3 Sound: the sonic environment

3.1 Physics of sound

3.2 Hearing

3.3 Noise control

3.4 Room acoustics

Part 4 Resources

4.1 Energy

4.2 Renewable energy

4.3 Energy use

4.4 Water and wastes

4.5 Sustainability issues