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    Barrette Pile Foundation

    Barrette pile is a type of drilled and cast-in-place pile, the distinctive characters of which are the shape and way of drilling. Grab-bucket or Hydrofraise type drilling tools are used for barrette pile construction. The size of these tools determines that of the piles.   The simplest piles are made with one stroke of a […] More

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    Grillage Foundation

    This is dependable foundation and is used in those place where the load of the structure is pretty and bearing capacity of soil comparatively poor. The grillage foundation helps in distributing the load over a wider area of subsoil. The grillage foundation helps in avoiding deep excavations as the necessary base area is provided for […] More

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    Object of Foundation

    Object of FoundationAs started earlier, the foundation is the device of transmitting the load of the whole structure to the sub-soil beneath it. However the following are the objects of providing foundation.1. The aim of foundation is to distribute the load of the structure over a large area or to transmit the load to the […] More