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    Impressive Tree House Built by Scout Troop

    Tree house designer Baumraum has done it again. This time, the architects created a meeting place for a scout group near Wolfsburg, Germany. That doesn’t mean that they built the elevated structure, though. It was actually constructed by the troop of young people on the Almke Campsite and which undoubtedly gave them the opportunity to […] More

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    Sustainable Passive Holiday House

    Permission to build along the river geul, one of holland’s few fast flowing channels, is rarely granted because of its potential impact on the fragile ecosystem. However, the local council of gulpen-wittem recently approved the construction of an energy neutral holiday residence on its banks. designed by upfrnt architects, the development of the single storey […] More

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    Sustainable Bamboo, Earth and Stone Pavilion

    The sustainably built art and cultural center by vietnamese H&P architects is directed towards community engagement and education. located in ha tinh city, vietnam the ‘BES (bamboo, earth and stone) pavilion’ was built using locally sourced materials and traditional building methods. the construction process focused around user interaction and participation – hoping to teach people […] More

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    Sustainability Education: Can Sustainability Be Taught? Should It Be?

    The Architects’ Journal recently published an article pitting five competing views of teaching sustainability against one another. The opinions come from a range of backgrounds, including engineers, tutors and landscape architects, and discuss how architecture students should be taught to design in a sustainable way – or if they should be taught this at all. […] More

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    Solar Panel Facade on Animo Lennox Greendot High School

    The ‘green dot amino leadership’ charter high school by american firm brooks and scarpa architects is an innovative and sustainable building that also encourages kids to learn. located in a south los angeles neighborhood, directly under the flight path to LAX and adjacent to the busy 105 century freeway, the site already had its challenges. aesthetics, sustainability and cost […] More

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    Meera Sky Garden House by Guz Wilkinson

    The Meera Sky Garden House designed by Guz Architects is located on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. The large multi layered four storey house tries its best to interact with gardens and greenery at all levels. It’s designed with a central void large volumes which maximizes cross ventilation and reduces dependence on mechanical […] More