Water and Wastewater Engineering Book

Water and Wastewater Engineering integrates theory and design. Fundamental environmental engineering principles are used as the foundation for rigorous design of conventional and advanced water and wastewater treatment processes.




  1. The Design and Construction Processes
  2. General Water Supply Design Considerations
  3. Intake Structures
  4. Wells
  5. Chemical Handling and Storage
  6. Coagulation and Flocculation
  7. Lime-Soda Softening
  8. Ion Exchange
  9. Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration
  10. Sedimentation
  11. Granular Filtration
  12. Membrane Filtration
  13. Disinfection and Fluoridation
  14. Removal of Specific Constituents
  15. Water Plant Residuals Management
  16. Drinking Water Plant Process Selection and Integration
  17. Storage and Distribution Systems
  18. General Wastewater Collection and Treatment Design Considerations
  19. Sanitary Sewer Design
  20. Headworks and Preliminary Treatment
  21. Primary Treatment
  22. Wastewater Microbiology
  23. Secondary Treatment by Suspended Growth Biological Processes
  24. Secondary Treatment by Attached Growth and Hybrid Biological Processes
  25. Secondary Settling, Disinfection, and Postaeration
  26. Tertiary Treatment
  27. Wastewater Plant Residuals Management
  28. Clean Water Plant Process Selection and Integration