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    Quantity Surveyor Pocket Book Free Download

    Quantity Surveyor’s Pocket Book is fully updated in line with NRM1, NRM2 and JCT, and remains a must-have guide for students and qualified practitioners. Its focussed coverage of the data, techniques, and skills essential to the quantity surveying role make it an invaluable companion for everything from initial cost advice to the final account stage. […] More

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    Bidder Evaluation Criteria

    Construction companies are looking into a project often collect bids from several contractors. They are looking for the best price, technical content, and commercial consideration, should be made so that the best available offering is chosen for award. The Contracting authority needs to determine early on how it select the wining bidder. the bidder must be determined responsible as follows. Prequalification […] More

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    FIDIC Green Book Short Form of Contract Free Download

    FIDIC Green Book Short Form of Contract 1st Edition 1999 -Free Download FIDIC Green Book Short Form of Contract 1st Edition 1999 – Agreement – General Conditions – Rules for Adjudication – Notes for Guidance These Conditions of Contract FIDIC Green Book Short Form of Contract are recommended for engineering and building work of relatively small capital value. However, depending on the type of […] More

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    Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works

    The standard Method of Measurement provides a uniform basis for measuring building works and embodies the essentials of good practice but more detailed information than is demanded by this document should be given where necessary in order to define the precise nature and extent of the required work. RICS is responsible for revising it. SMM provides […] More

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    FIDIC Gold Book DBO Conditions of Contract for Design Build and Operate Projects

    FIDIC Gold Book DBO Conditions of Contract for Design Build and Operate Projects, When preparing these Conditions of Contract for Design, Build and Operate Projects, the drafting task group has attempted to include all conditions of a general nature, which are likely to apply to the majority of DBO contracts, into General Conditions. More

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    Quantity Surveyor Training

    A quantity surveyor is a job field in the building and construction industry. The primary purpose of this profession is to discern contracts, costs for construction projects, and the over all feasibility of a project within a budget. In practice the methods employed during their professional tasks include a wide variety of activities More

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    Quantity Surveyor Duties and Responsibilities

    A quantity surveyor (QS), They can be referred to as Chartered Quantity Surveyors, a construction cost consultant or a commercial manager. The contracts and cost on the construction project, including the beginning startup work to the final figures to complete the project is what the quantity surveyor job consists of. A quantity surveyor may work for either the client or the contractor, working in an […] More

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    Willis’s Elements of Quantity Surveying Free Download

    Willis’s Elements of Quantity Surveying free download. The measurement of building elements is a core subject for all quantity surveying students and this classic text, first published in 1935 under the authorship of Arthur J. Willis, sets down the measurement process from first principles and covers the main building elements. It also considers computerised measurement techniques […] More

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    Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying

    Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying have similar and highly overlapping functions. Quantity Surveying relates more to building design and construction, while Cost Engineering relates more to engineering projects and processes. However Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors commonly work in both areas. Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying differ primarily in the route taken to professional qualification, […] More

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    Abbreviations Quantity Surveyors often use standard abbreviations in the bills of quantities and take off list. it is used to save space and time spent in entering items. The following abbreviations posed Abbreviation Description agg aggregate av average ab as before abd as before described adj adjoining/adjustment acc accordance a/r all round alum aluminium bk […] More

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    Assistant quantity surveyor

    Assistant quantity surveyors provide technical assistance to chartered quantity surveyors in costing building projects. They estimate quantities and costs of materials and labour. They also take measurements on-site when a project is underway so that they can calculate actual costs. Work Activities Assistant quantity surveyors provide technical assistance to chartered quantity surveyors in costing building […] More

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